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Are you seeking a better way to take orders, organize and run your Singing Valentine program for your chorus or group?
You have come to the right place!

Become an OrderSingingValentine.com Member and gain access to the absolute best system available today. The tools you need to take orders, get paid, manage & route your quartets and organize your total program!  Plus your membership now includes accesss to BarberShopShows.com to sell show tickets online and manage ticket sales for your concerts!

Much More than an Online Order form, we streamline your whole operation!
You will be more efficient, more organized and more profitable! From ordering, method of payment and orders management to assignment & routing of quartets, tracking of payments and one click reporting at the end, this system makes your job easier.

Plus, the transition from one Singing Valentine Coordinator to the next is a snap.
It's all in one place, set up & ready to go next year! The new Coordinator will simply need the login for your account.

  • Organize & manage all your orders & quartets in one place
  • Web based order form customized to suit your needs
  • Save telephone time, buyers place orders online via your web order form
  • Improve sales by offering missed callers a way to order via your web order form
  • Numerous options to customize your form, add extra items like more roses, chocolates or phone delivered orders
  • Mobile ready! Both the Singing Valentine and Show Tickets order forms are mobile ready. Buyers will be able to use a phone or tablet to place orders.
  • Order form embed feature, insert your order form right into your web site New!
  • Collect credit card payment up front through Paypal
  • Payments made by Paypal are auto updated to show order as paid New!
  • All key committee members can access all orders & quartet assignments simultaneously
  • Organize orders by zip code to determine delivery routes
  • Sort orders by delivery time/date or order time/date
  • Filter orders according to who has paid and who has not
  • Assign orders to Quartets & route deliveries in your Account Management area
  • Manage Quartets & view orders assigned to each Quartet, make adjustments as needed
  • Auto updated route map shows location & directions for all orders per day per quartet New!
  • Print all orders assigned to each quartet with one click, organized by delivery time
  • Automatically print a Google location map with each order
  • Single click to print directions and a Google route map to each order location New!
  • Quartets can view their updated schedule in real time via their phone! Instant access to any new orders & new Google route maps!
  • Auto email sent when the order is placed thanking buyer for the order
  • Auto email sent when order payment is received and order is marked as paid
  • Auto email sent when the order is assigned to a Quartet for delivery
  • Option to auto send an email reminder to customers who still need to pay
  • Export a spreadsheet report of all orders when you are finished
  • Print a formatted report to deliver to your Chorus with all totals auto-calculated
  • Final report includes individual totals for each order type

  • Plus, your OSV Membership now includes selling show tickets online! Learn more at BarberShopShows.com.
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