OrderSingingValentine.com FAQs

Click questions below for answers, view plans for price/features or screen shots of the program. - Is it possible to see the order form like our prospective customers will see it?
- What will the url of the order form be that our customers will use?
- How can I try out the OrderSingingValentine.com system before I buy?
- Can I see samples of the report, how the quartets and gigs are organized and an individual gig sheet for a quartet?
- Can the buyer add a personalized message for the card to be delivered with the song, I don't see a box for this in my order form?
- Your system allows for payment via PayPal OR Check OR COD, but I only see the ability for the buyer to choose PayPal in my order form. Can I give the buyer the option to select between all three?
- How do I change the text at the top of my order form?
- How do I change the image at the top of my order form?
- I want to add a note indicating a deadline to receive check payments, how can I do that?
- How do I assign my quartets to the orders and make changes if Needed?
- Can I print all orders assigned to each Quartet, which can be used by the "driver" to manage their day?
- How do we use the auto emails, how do they get sent to the client?

For further assistance, please contact
Kurt Irmiter


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