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We will be offering Singing Valentines on Valentine's Day , February 14, 2019. If you want to have your Singing Valentine delivered before or after February 14, please send request to or text the SV Coordinator, Alexander Boltenko (cell 269-501-7464) and we will try to get a quartet for you. If you're new to Singing Valentines and want to know more, please click here

We offer three types of Singing Valentines delivered in person by one of our barbershop quartets anywhere in the greater Tampa Bay area. 

Premium package - 3 love songs, red rose, coffee mug filled with chocolates and a card - for $80 donation. 

Standard package - 2 love songs, chocolates and a card - for $60 donation.

Telephone-delivered Singing Valentines anywhere for $25 donation.

This is not only our greatest joy and privilege to be your messengers of love but the proceeds from delivering Singing Valentines will also help the barbershop singers. We will greatly appreciate your support!

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